Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Props Props Props!

Today Sara and I brought Michelle some lunch(chef salad) at her store. We had been meaning to go over but today we finally go to it. We also got alot of stuff while we were there. I got some WONDERFUL props for kids pics! Im pretty darn excited about it.
We had a fun time at Michelle's just shootin' the breeze. Shes always good to talk with!

Also Patti was over here today. Dad is teaching her how to can and pickle. She really likes it.(shes also slightly crazy. haha) They were canning their lil hearts out today. haha.

Well, Im finally getting to edit Natalies pics. So far so good! Im nowhere near done though. I might have them finished by say... 3am.


Booties! with a matching hat!

pumpkin hat!

a lion

or a giraffe?!

car rug. needs a wash but still pretty cute.


Michelle said...

I was gonna be mad if you didn't blog about me! I had a good time too!

hanner_da_nanner said...

I could never leave you out Michelle