Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple Fest Kick Off!

Ah, the official first day of the Apple Festival. I went out with Sara early this morning before college and snapped some shots of the newly transformed downtown Jtown (I even used my film camera! My teacher will be so happy). It was fun, especially with very few people around; but the sun was DEFINITELY my enemy today. So many shadows! Grrrr!

I also went out later when the sun went down and did some shots of all the colorful lights and such, despite my moms insistence that we go look at the booths immediately. (She says that's where all the excitement is)
I also got to have 2 of my favorite Apple Fest foods (even though its terrible for me, and my wallet) Blooming Onion and Strawberry Daquiri's. Yum Yum! I even grabbed some of Debbie Deers delicious peanut butter fudge and tried her new apple butter fudge (not a fan, tastes like candy corn).

All in all it was a great day to kick off the Jackson County Apple Festival!!

Pics to follow!

So while googling the Jackson apple festival, just found out my Dad, Mom, n brother are practically famous! They're on Obama's page!
and here's the pic:
(its from like last year BTW)

Dad is the man walking in front of the crowd in black n Nathan is in the red sweater behind him & mom is in the black beside Nathan.