Thursday, September 16, 2010


So today in Photography class it was pretty exciting. We got to make contact sheets, which are basically a copy of your negatives. We have to turn in a contact sheet for our project. This is also pretty much how you make prints only you add a step. Its pretty neat actually. You put your photographic paper under your negatives and then put a piece of glass over them. After you get it all set you click the print button on the enlarger and it  basically shines a light on the negatives that first goes through a special lens. When that's done you take the paper and run it through the developer etc. and you get to see your negatives slowly appearing on the paper. Its really neat how all the chemistry works. Its kind of amazing to think that you basically shined a light on a lens n special paper n that makes a copy. Anyway, it was a pretty neat day in Photography class. Monday we're using the enlarger to make big prints etc. I'm stoked.
The only thing about actually doing things in photography now is that I don't get the extra hour of free time that I did, but that's OK, this is much more fun.

(not the actual SSU darkroom)