Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Layout & Photo Project

Yeah, I changed my layout again. I know what you're saying: Make up your mind Hannah!
I feel like this one expresses more of me, and my blog; with me being into photography and all.
I plan to change layouts out more often though to keep things interesting.
Thanks guys!

Oh and about my new photography project for class:
We have to pretend that aliens are on earth and they don't know anything about us and we have to explain to them through pictures an aspect of life on earth. We can concentrate on a particular thing like:
our life
I have no clue what I'm gonna do yet. I was kind of thinking of doing it about Jackson. I kind of want to take pics around town, the "hot spots" etc.
I'm not sure yet. We have to have 2-4 rolls of film so it has to be something I can take ALOT of pics of.

Any suggestions?