Thursday, September 9, 2010

Punch the Pig!!

So last thursday I made a checking account with PNC Bank. I set it up and had it rearing to go. They have this new thing at PNC called the virtual wallet. Its pretty sweet. Basically its a very visual & and easy way of doing online banking. I'm pretty sure that I'll love it. Only that I CANT GET INTO IT! They told me when I made the account that it would be ready the next day. Well... It wasn't and its still not, so I went up the the bank today to get it straightened out and even HE couldnt get it working. Finally, he called up the big people and told them what I needed so theyre sending me a new PIN number and everything in the mail, THE MAIL for crying out loud. Who sends mail anymore? But anyway, hoepfully after I get my new stuff I'll finally be able to get into my virtual wallet and punch that pig!(For all of you that dont have virtual wallet accounts, this is probably greek to you. haha Basically when you"punch the pig" you are putting money into your savings by punching the pig animation on the online banking website.)

How long will it take me to get into my Virtual Wallet account?
The world may never know!