Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Answer!

Pinto Colvig is better known as the original ...?

D. Bozo the Clown!

Pinto Colvig was the voice of Bozo the Clown on the 1946 record album that introduced Bozo to the children of the world. The album came with an illustrated read-along book (the first of its kind!) and stayed on Billboard's Best Selling Children's Records Chart for an amazing 200 weeks! Colvig also played Bozo on the first version of the TV show, Bozo's Circus, which debuted on KTTV in Los Angeles in 1949. In 1956, Larry Harmon bought the rights to the Bozo franchise and sold local versions of the show to multiple markets across the U.S. By 1959, he had 100 Bozos in the United States, plus clowns in Germany, France, and Japan. The most famous Bozo the Clown is probably former Today Show weatherman Willard Scott. Harmon's personal favorite, however, was Boston's Frank Avruch. In 1965, Harmon tried to market Avruch as the only Bozo but met resistance from many stations who wanted to keep their own clowns.