Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Got Back

Today my little brother went to his first Homecoming Dance with Sam.
*sniff* He's so grown up haha. 
He said he had a good time and there were alot of crazy people there. haha
I'm glad he had fun, and that we finally got his boutonniere on. It took me FOREVER dude. haha
(pics soon)

Earlier that day my brother, Dad n me headed to Chilli for a bday lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant around her. MMMM!
I LOOOOOVVEEEE Chinese food.
Definitely the food of the Gods.

Sara n I also went out to the church to do some more painting and to put the donation leaves in the back so people can bring in things we need for the Fallapalooza. I'm pretty excited.
We only have like 2 weeks left!

Also, here is Nathan at Dollar Tree. haha