Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Friday (STOKED)

Welp, I got my $25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card in the mail today from MyPoints. YEEEYYAAAHHH! I'm definitely whipping out this bad boy on Black Friday.
I'm pretty stoked for BF. BF represents 3 or my favorite things:

1. Shopping
2. Deals
3. Competition.

Shopping: Yes I, like most women, like to shop. If I had an unlimited supply of money I'd go all the time. Not so much for the stuff but because it cheers me up ya know. Even if you have no money its fun to just look at all the stuff. It's amazing how much enjoyment you can get just walking down the toy isle at walmart and pressing all the buttons.

Deals:I also love deals. I HATE spending money. I'm pretty cheap, but smart you know. Its not like I wont spend any money at all, because I do its just that I really hate spending an outrageous amount of money for something when you can get the same thing(or almost the same) from a different store for cheaper. I also hate buying things that aren't on sale. haha. Whenever I go shopping I always head for the clearance racks first. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a markdown.

Competition: Alright, I'm not really a super competitive person.(Ok I can be, but that's usually with non shopping related stuff) I'm not that person who went crazy last year on BF and trampled a person to death for a TV. Yeah, not so much. I don't fight for items on BF. Even if I really wanted it. Stuffs not THAT important to me. I just like watching other people get crazy over BF you know. Its pretty entertaining. PLUS crowds really get my blood pumping you know. Its a little bit of a rush. I like it.

Yep. That's why I love Black Friday. Oh and also I love to shop with Sara
& Emily may be tagging along this year.
There's a nice $59 Tom Tom GPS with my name on it

Oh n if you're into BF( yours truly) I suggest you get out there n look up the ads!
Walmart released theirs today.


Sara said...

i'm so stoked to go bf shopping too!!