Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Well today was a pretty fun day. I hung out with Sara, her mom, and Paul in Chilli. We shopped around for a bit, went downtown to enjoy the christmasish festivities(AMAZING hot apple cider). All in all it was a good time.
We scoped out B&B Works. They already have the Black Friday deal out for display. Its a big bundle like last year but with different stuff and the bag this year is pretty legit. Im excited. We came up with a general BF plan of action. It's looking pretty good so far.
I also went to Dollar Tree and picked up some cute little serving plates and some lil garland tree's for decorations. The serving plates are especially cute.
We stopped at Kohls to get some stuff and I rediscovered how much I LOVE the Ed Hardy Perfume. MMMMMM! I definitely need someone to buy it for me.
Man, all this christmas music, shopping, holiday items is really getting me in the mood for christmas; and its not even Thanksgiving yet!

Anyway, I'll post pics later!
For now, here's my cat Kitty.