Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today Emily asked me to go for lunch so we took off for the Chinese place(naturally!). We had a really nice time. I haven't really gotten to hang out with her since I graduated. It was nice to hang out with her again. Anyway, we went to lunch and then took a quick tour of Walmart. We checked out the sweet holiday stuff and played with the toys. We also came to the conclusion that kids now have MUCH better today's than we have. I mean, have you SEEN the Play dough enterprise?! Elmo Play dough kit? Come on! We just had tubes of colored putty man, these kids have the WORKS. haha.

In short, it was a great afternoon.

It was nice to have a little distraction today. They say in school, and in life in general, that you cant get distracted and you need to stay focused on the future. You need to focus on whats important. Well, I say that sometimes you need a little distraction to keep you from losing your mind.

Thanks Emily, for being there for me today.

Also, in lieu of things going on right now, there will be no Trivia Tuesday or Movie Monday this week. Sorry guys, have to take care of me first.
QOD n POD will still be up everyday.