Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Time

Well, Algebra is cancelled for today so I have alot of free time now. haha. Yeah, I don't have another class till 2. Yay! I think I'm gonna watch a movie on netflix or something. I finished up to the current season of Psych. It's now one of my favorite shows along with The Office.

I talked to my advisor yesterday (yeah the whole falling out of my chair incident. haha). I think I have a tentative spring schedule planned. I'm pretty certain I'm gonna wait and take Photo 2 after this spring semester. I really want to concentrate more on my generals and such. Plus I'm going to cut my days back to just going on Monday & Wednesday(maybe Friday too depending on the class). So yeah, I think I'm going to do that. Although with my English class... I really want to have the teacher I have now but just a different "class". So I might have to wait till next fall to take my last English but I think that will be ok. I can just take another elective in the spring. Not sure yet. I really like the teacher I have now though and if I can get her for the next English too then I'm gonna try and get her.
Yeah there's a lot of pondering on my part of the spring schedule. haha