Sunday, November 14, 2010

I found this little slice of humor while helping my Mom with her Avon party.

I definitely needed this laugh.

Oh, how was my Moms party? It was a success. She moved alot of products. Which is good. I was a little nervous to be honest. See, my Moms not really a planner like me. Me, I like to plan something and look at it from just about every angle, make lists, think about different scenarios,be ready for whatever, basically i like to really plan. My mom on the other hand, isn't quite as thorough as me. This makes me nervous when she does things like this because of the before mentioned. It turned out alright though. she got 'er done. This just goes to show you that sometimes, just because people don't do it the way you would, or with the same careful planning you would, it doesn't mean it cant work out(or that its wrong). People are different. People need to just shut up for about 2.5 seconds about their opinions and how they think things should be run and just focus on the fact that hey, the (metaphorical) trains moving. It doesn't matter who puts the coal in the furnace or how they do it, as long as the train keeps moving. You know?
I know that was a weird analogy. haha. But you people get it. People are different. No ones going to think exactly like you about everything. You kind of have to deal with it.

Man, this reminds me of Diversity Day