Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yup, Christmas was good
We really had alot of fun getting together with family, and of course presents. haha.

Gosh I really dont know what to write about you guys. I really dont want to say like everything that I got because well, i just dont really like doing that too much. Ya know?

I do plan to hit up the After Christmas sales on monday. Plus Nathan and my Dad have some clothes to take back. Which, makes me really sad because I thought we did really good with clothes this year. Well, we didnt do that bad just some of the shirts and stuff are a little tight ya know, but at least they liked them. Well, except Nathan, he was all picky beacuse the argyle sweater we got him wasnt V-neck. What a diva. haha

But anyway yearh, I plan to hit up the sales with Sara while my Dad and Nathan are standing in long lines at JCP's

We also had the mortgage burning service today at church, which was pretty sweet. We paid off the church mortgage in a year, which is pretty impressive. Although, I will have to say that the actual mortgage burning thismorning was a little anticlimactic. haha.
What are you gonna do?
The thing is paid off and thats whats important! haha

Anyway, hope you all have a nice rest of break and on into the new year!!