Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yeah, I realize that I haven't been writing a bunch on here. haha. Honestly, not that much has been going on. I've been on break. The only things that are really going on are holiday stuff.

Except, well, on Wednesday.

Wednesday Sara n I went down to Pburg to help Michelle and Amy paint the daycare. It was alot of fun. We talked the whole time. haha. It's nice to talk among your friends though, you know? We also got to briefly hang out with Pdave, which is ALWAYS a pleasure.
After working for about 4 hours we went down to the mall and got our shopping on!
It was alot of fun!
I found this WONDERFUL pink cardigan in Debs, but I didn't really have the money to buy it
Story of my life. haha

Here are some pics!

Jungle themed children's church room. (Eagerly awaiting a sweet pirate ship)

Cute lil Owl in the entrance to the daycare (the bark texture is spray foam! how nifty!)

Daycare entrance(and my camera bag. oops)

in the hallway...

One of the rooms


Sara painting her heart out!