Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo 1 Class

Well, since my time in Photo 1 Class is done I thought I'd post some of the pics I've taken this semester

These were for the "Overlooked" Project.
You had to find something that people normally overlook in their day to day lives and bring it out to them through photos. I chose Nature
This is a lil acorn that was just hanging out on a branch

Crumpled leaf hanging on a branch


Flowers in the middle of fall

Birdseed Holder

Angel in the flowergarden

This was for the "spaceship" project. We had to pretend that aliens were here and we had to explain things about our life etc through pics. I basically did it like. "things I love"

this was representing Photography
This was representing Nature

This was representing Horses

This was representing my cats

in this project we had to make a story through pics. I decided to remake a nursery rhyme and put a spin on it. Mary had a Little Lamb. but instead of Mary, its Nathan
This is Nathan loving his lamb

Nathan being BFF's with his lamb

Nathan losing his lamb

Nathan calling for his lamb

Nathan looking for his lamb

Nathan finding his lamb in a tree

There's alot more to this but I ran out of paper before I could print more