Sunday, January 16, 2011

God Hears

Lately, theres been alot of talk, etc. from people I know (people I'm good friends with, and just people near me in general) about life, depression, and suicide.
Some of these people, I see or talk to almost everyday and I would never have guessed that they feel the way they do, or have been feeling that way for a long time.
I definitely would not have guessed that they were contemplating suicide

I just want to tell you all, it doesn't matter how close you are to a person, or how "ok" you think they are, they may be hurting inside. Try not to just assume things about people based on whatever information that you may have. The fact is, you don't really know that person till you're in their shoes.

And to those people who are out there and you're saying, Yeah Hannah, I'm depressed about everything. I failed at life, I just want out. Well let me tell you something, I dont care what your facing, suicide is not the answer. I know how you feel, I really really do; but that's not the answer. Here's some advice I can give from personal experience:
Talk to someone about it.
 Depression, and thoughts like that are so much harder to take on your own. You need someone there who can be with you, and yeah, maybe they cant feel what you're feeling but they will be there for you and keep you grounded in life, not dwelling on all of the things that are going around in your head.
And if you say, I don't have anyone to talk to about this stuff: talk to God about it. He will listen, where ever you are he listens to you, even if you don't feel like he is. In the bible it says that he will never leave you or let you down. He'll always be there if no one else is. Trust me on that people.
The enemy(devil) goes about like a roaring lion, seeking out someone to kill and eat. Lets think about it, lions don't just go out there and try to kill the first gazelle it sees, no, it separates one out. He will make you feel so alone, that no one understands, no one cares about you, then he will take that advantage and try his darndest to bring you down. He knows that if he can get you alone, he can take you out.
That's another reason why I say that if you're depressed and feeling alone, talk to someone, be with people, even if you don't feel like it. Alot of times you cant go through life by your feelings. Sometimes you have to just do.
Besides, its a heck of alot easier to fight someone if there's someone there beside you that has your back.

And if you're out there saying, well Hannah, I don't know about all this spiritual stuff...
Its ok. Just talk to someone. People are not mind readers. Get connected. Fight through it, and don't ever, ever, EVER give up. Suicide is not the answer. And if you don't feel like anyone loves you or cares about you, I do. You are special and important. Never doubt that. There's always hope. Always. Remember that.
Also, feel free to contact me anytime.

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