Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Due Dates

I'm telling ya what, guys, this weekend is gonna be busy. I mean, its hitting the fan. I have SO many things that are due on Monday:

science informational fair project
digital foundations project
English essay

Yeah that's kind of a lot. Chelsea and I have our butts in gear tackling this science info project. Our little "theme" is supposed to be about the different alternatives for oil as a main source of energy. Its exciting, I know. We have to have a backboard n such, and present to people in our class. Also, we have to have a "element to engage the audience" so, since the audience(the people grading us) consists of our own classmates, we thought: hey, I know, we'll give them cookies! They can be in the shape of suns for solar power! Great idea right? Yeah, we thought so. haha. Free food = good grades. people.
We're definitely on top of it, we just have to throw it all together.

Digital foundations project: we have to recreate a comic strip using Adobe Illustrator. Its just about as exciting as it sounds. haha. I definitely only have one panel completely done though, so it looks like Ill be working on it at home this weekend.

Last but not least, the English essay. This is probably actually the easiest thing on my weekend assignment list. We have to write a 1000 word essay on a multi-faceted topic (we could choose the topic). I chose genetic engineering to do my essay on because well, its interesting to me, plus I've done essays on it in the past and its just a good subject that I know a good bit about and could write a mean essay on.

So yeah, that's what i'll be doing this weekend.
Work, work, work - such is the way of college.
How will I ever get it all done?