Friday, March 25, 2011


So today Sara and I decided to take a lil trip to Wellston and check out what Grandview had to offer us.
We certainly weren't disappointed!
As you can see: we loaded up, son!

We got a crapload of streamers to decorate with @ Eggapalooza. They were only 25 cents per 200 foot roll! We also got comforters that were super cheap, an Ottoman, a throw, a sweet mirror(which will be featured once I get it up) and a pillow. I say we did very nicely.

Oh, and this is Sara trying to get stuff to the car. haha!
(The Ottoman fell off the cart.)

I was super excited about my comforter. It's ADORABLE!! LOOOOOK!

That's a piece of it. It's so cute! I adore the little owls! Yeah, it may be a bit little girlish but hey, I like it.
Also, Kitty and The Tiger approve, and there's is all I need.

So yes, that was pretty much my day. I also went to the salon & got my eyebrows waxed, but that's irrelevant to this post. haha.
Hope your day was as sweet as mine!

This is a car that was in Grandview parking lot. I thought it was a nice combo of bumper stickers. haha