Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So, I Almost Died

When I came home from school today the storm of the century pretty much set in. I'm talking 60-70 mph winds, rain, and hail.
It was CRAZY. I could barely see to drive. Dont believe me? Believe these pics I took.
One was featured on the local news channel 3 times.
Heading twards the bad weather

A modular blew off the trailer and smashed all across the road. It was on the overpass and went all the way down to the exit where I was. It was literally right beside me. (thats my window there!)
This was the pic that was on the news.

Guys trying to move debris off the exit.
My car was shaking as I sat here.

The rain I drove through. It wasnt even hitting the ground it was just blowing horizontally n hitting.


As I was coming out of it. You can see the rain falling ahead.


Hope said...

I got so caught up in your post I can't remember if I'm a new follower or not. I'm so glad you're ok!!! My goodness, I would have been shaking too! You definitely had someone watching over you!

I'm a new follower from the thursday blog hop(I think), I would love a follow back! Have a great thursday, and stay safe!!!


Hannah said...

I know, dude. Whew!
Yeahp you are n I followed ya back!