Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yay Award!

One of my first (and one of my favorite) followers has bestowed this Stylish Blogger Award on meh.

Thanks @MythicalMonkey!!
You should all check his blog out! Its great! If you love film in all of its glory(especially the black and whites), you should follow this blog. (nudges Michelle).

As the rules dictate, I have to write 7 facts about myself and give this award to another 7 stylish bloggers.
Oh, and talk about Mythical Monkey's Blog!

So, here goes!

1. I love Classical Mythology. I think its so interesting, not just the stories, but how people saw the world back then and how we still reference mythology today.
It's good stuff.
So, since I love all that I naturally try to pick up anything mythology related I can.

2. I'm a photo student @ SSU.
I love photography! Its what I want to do with my life. I wanted to go in to all of the facets that I can: fine art, portrait, fashion, product, etc. I really love it all! I have alot to learn about taking good photos and such but im really excited about it!

3. I am currently stuck in a vortex of Jersey Shore.
I'm not really sure how it happened. I got the free episode from itunes, watched it, and then it was like I couldnt stop. haha. I wanted to know what would happen. The next thing you know I'm still up at 5am watching the show on Netflix.
I'm very disappointed in myself.
It's like a train wreck. haha

4. I have a huge amount of books I need to read. Including the series featured on my sidebar.Yikes! I love reading. I LOVE IT. I just find myself sitting down to to it a rare thing these days. Even though I know I have a ton of books to read, I STILL buy books. haha. The insanity!

 5. I am currently loving Adele's new album 21.
Its pretty amazing. I love her stuff. Its like bluesey n jazzy n poppy and just a whole lotta good things.
Plus I think that her voice is amazing.

6. I love chinese food. It is my favorite genre of food. I cant get enough.

7. I hate hate hate fruit punch flavored stuff. I think its so gross.

Now to pick my 7 Blogs:



dealightfullyfrugal said...

Thank-you so much for this award. It really made my day.

Nancy StylenDecorDeals.blogspot.com said...

Thank you! You made my day!

Hanner said...

You're welcome guys!

Tara said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me :)

Siv Maria said...

Thanks for the award, it was really sweet of you to think of me :)