Monday, April 4, 2011

Get Your Pitchforks

I'm a christian. So naturally I believe that God created the world etc. and we didn't evolve from anything.

So why am I doing a PowerPoint presentation about the consequences of evolution (think vestigial body parts like the tailbone)?
Well, mostly because I would like to pass my class.

Just because I have to do a presentation involving evolution doesn't mean I agree with the whole idea. The whole point of the presentation is to learn about our given topic, and be able to inform the rest of the class about it as well. They aren't asking me to give up my faith or anything like that. Its just a simple PowerPoint presentation, presenting what scientist believe to be true.
No opinion required, easy A.

So when people come up to me and say I shouldn't be doing my presentation basically because I should care more about God than my class, it kind of irks me.
No one's asking me to make a choice like that. Doing this presentation does not mean I'm suddenly turning my back on God, or that I'm changing my beliefs about evolution, or I'm even advocating it.

It was also said that I should basically pitch a fit because that's what my presentation is about.
Honestly, I don't see a reason to make a big deal about it. The fact is I go to a secular college and guess what, we learn about evolution in science classes. Its just something you have to deal with.
The world is the world and the church is the church. I am not going to change any ones mind (or get anyone saved) by pitching a fit over it. In fact, it will probably just reinforce every stereotype that says when you're a practicing christian, you're way out there.
This doesn't mean I'm selling my soul to the devil; it just means I live in a real world.

I'm not touring the country advocating evolution.

So please get off my back, for God's sake.


K said...

I personally believe that evolution and creation don't cancel each other out, and can go hand in hand.

Growing up in a rural area school in the Bible Belt Midwest, I now am shocked that my bio teacher was allowed to stage a debate on creation vs evolution. However, he assigned roles based on what he thought a classmate DIDN'T believe. Example, the churchy kids were on the evolution side. (Myself included.) His point was that to fully understand your point of view, you need to fully know the other side as well.

Try that on your naysayers. :)

Hannah said...

Yeah I think that that was a good thing to do. That way, kids arent just saying they dont believe in evolution "just because" or whatever. They actually learn about it and that way they can still be informed on the other side.
Things like that I think makes you able to debate better. If you dont know anything about the theory of evolution and just start spouting bible verses then the people you're trying to convince wont pay any attention to you. You have to make a valid argument using both sides.


Fuegita said...

That's one thing that bothers me about religion, well really any beliefs, is when others try to push their beliefs on everybody else. That their belief is the only one and everybody must belief what they believe.

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