Friday, April 8, 2011

Hannah's Tips For ROCKING Your Presentation

So this week was presentation week in my college science class.
We all got a topic and had to do a PowerPoint presentation on it (Chelsea and I haven't gone yet though, but Monday's the last day). So, to see this week off, I thought I'd give you some tips for ROCKING* your presentation, as brought to you by my Scientific Reasoning and Methodology class.

1. Read your presentation straight from your PowerPoint and/or note cards
-Don't worry about looking at your audience and engaging them, just read them the info right off the PP, which they can read themselves. Don't forget to keep both eyes on the presentation screen and turn your body towards to so that all the sound is going to the screen, after all, the screen is who's grading you. If in the event you have note cards, please feel free to read directly off of them, head down to your cards, not even looking up.

2. Put as much text as you possibly can on one slide
Because graphics and diagrams are just minor tools to help get your point across. They're overrated. What you really want to do is fill your slides with as much info and text as you can. That really helps people learn.
You should especially consider this if you plan to use tip #1.

3. Tell your audience that you don't know the subject of your presentation at all
Your audience (classmates) aren't grading you right?** Nahhh. Go ahead and tell them that you have no idea what you're talking about and you didn't make any effort to find out anything about your topic. One of the requirements isn't how well you know your topic, or anything.**

4. Covering a presentation on something like factors affecting tree's - leave the major pest that effects tree's in THIS area out, cover the one that has no relevance to us at all.
Why cover something relevant to this area in your presentation, when you can cover something completely irrelevant instead.

5. Speak in the most monotone, and/or the softest voice you can
Now, the point of giving a presentation is to lull your audience to sleep with your soothing Patrick Steward-esque voice. The best way to do this is by speaking in monotone. If you happen to be a girl and are incapable of speaking in a smooth, deep, man voice, then speaking in the lowest tone you can. You know what, whispering is good too. Then they'll fall asleep from the calm stillness. After all, no one needs to hear your presentation anyway. They can just read your mind if they REALLY wanna know the information.

6. If all else fails, leave your presentation at home
The SUREST way to ROCK your presentation is to leave it at home. Your audience doesn't actually need to see your presentation. You can just dazzle us with your eloquent whispering.

*For those of you who aren't up to par with the whole sarcasm thing, this is it.
Really though, I was very surprised with my class. It's like a some of them have never done a presentation in front of a class before. This is college guys. I had more faith in you, but now you have let me down.
I mean, I'm not that girl who is critical of everything, I'm just trying to make a point and say that I'm disappointed in my classmates
Also, this kind of goes along with my previous post about ignorance.

**we really are graded by our peers and one of the things we have to grade presenters on is how well they know the topic froms a scale of 0 to 10. Yeahhhh.