Monday, April 18, 2011


Sorry I haven't been writing anything lately. Its been a bit hectic with Eggapalooza this weekend. It went great by the way! There were alot of people there! We know that there were at least 51 kids there (from the giveaway sign up) and half of those people were non church attendees, which is pretty awesome. (especially awesome considering it was rainy and windy) That's what we wanted, to reach out to the community in a fun way and show them that hey, we aren't a bunch of stiffs!
Yeah, it was great. The kids had lots of fun. The only downer to the day was the rain the night before. It was WAY too wet to hunt eggs outside, so we had to do them in the children's church rooms. It turned out well anyhow! It didn't miss a beat.

Now on to Vacation Bible School!

(I'll post LOTS of pics from Eggapalooza & of all our decorations soon)