Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There's An End in Sight

It's official. I only have 2 more classes till the end of the semester. Yeah, you heard right, 2!
The only downer is I have one at 2pm on Monday and at 6:30pm that evening.
That means I have to stay there till the end of my 6:30 class.
We're having a group discussion in science class and doing our final critique in 3D Foundations (A super sweet vase is in the works).
At least those will be my LAST CLASSES OF THE SEMESTER though.
I'm gonna have a full year of college under my belt, and survived!

Today I basically squared away things with my other classes: turned in my English essay, Digital Foundations project, and did the critique for the Flapper Headband. Everyone really liked my headband by the way. I walked the catwalk with my boa today and everything. Yep. I was working it.

Story about the critique:
I was a little annoyed with this one girl. Well, I normally stay annoyed with her because basically she acts like shes the BEST artist there and is way above everyone and therefore has the right to pass judgement on EVERYTHING. Plus she has a very nasty attitude towards the general population. Yeah, basically, I find her annoying.
Well, today this one kid presented his fashion project and it was just a paper mask and he said that he had no money for materials and he ran out of time.
Which, that's really bad to admit to your teacher and class. We just kind of sat there and the teacher was like that's a pretty poor defense.
He said that he knew it was bad and he'd take the lesser score for it.
 I mentally applauded him because he actually took responsibility.
Well that was going to be the end of it... but this girl.
She basically starts lighting into the kid saying how it was bull shnikes(not pu thatnicely, sadly) that he didn't have enough material etc.
She started ranting about how she just asked people to borrow things to make her project(she had a simple plaster/cardboard mask by the way) and just lit into him and said mean things.
The kid just kind of stood there while she lit into him and stuff. He just said that it was his project basically and he wasn't concerned.
The girl, instead of just leaving it alone, then threatens to flip the table over.
We were like, what in the world?!
So yes, I was annoyed at the unnecessarity of her outburst, and the fact that in my view she was basically being the pot calling the kettle black.

Naturally I'm glad to leave this semester behind me and move forward... into summer!