Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time's They Are A Changin'

Well, it looks like I'm going to be taking over Super Sunday's for the kids at my church. Yep.
The other day I finally decided to talk to the children church directors about working in the children's church and they were thrilled. Stacey said she'd been waiting for me to ask for a long time. haha.
Since I've gone to church basically my whole life, I'm children's church's #1 fan. haha.
Not to mention these events for kids I keep co planning.
Anyway, I'm now teaching in children's church, which is kind of amazing to me. I remember when I was the one down there learning things and making cool crafts and snacks, now I'm the one helping the kids experience that and have just as good of a time as I did. It's so cool how everything is generational. Sometimes we don't see that.

I'm also taking on Super Sundays, which is basically one Sunday a month where we combine the children's church classes and do extra fun things with the kids. I got asked to do it and I was really surprised haha. I haven't even taught yet! I'm excited though, and nervous. Ideas are already churning.
The thing that makes me nervous though is the responsibility and change.
Its just seems like my role in life is slowly shifting. I don't get to be the crazy teenager anymore. All of the sudden people depend on me and I'm responsible for things. 
That kind of makes me nervous because sometimes I'm afraid that I'll let people down. If people don't depend on me or expect things from me then I wont disappoint them, right?
Yeah I know that's wrong thinking but sometimes you think stuff, you know?
It's not that I think I fail at everything, I obviously don't, its just easier to do things when people don't depend on you.
Also, yeah, I have a smmmmaallll fear of failing and letting people down. haha.
I know I don't talk about personal stuff(like what I'm feeling) very often on this blog, but maybe I should.

Please pray for me!
You can never have too much prayer that's fo sho.


K said...

Congrats to you, Hannah! I know you'll do wonderfully.

Keep in mind, the only people you REALLY have to impress, are the little ones...and they're usually pretty easy. :)

Fuegita said...

yay how exciting! Have fun with that!

Hannah said...

@K Thats true!