Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly(ish) Obsessions #2

Yep, I've decided to continue this. I think its fun! Plus, I'm kinda too busy to sit down and make a big serious blog post. (I got 99 problems but a blog post ain't one!)

So, onward!

(In no particular order)

1. Christina Perri
This girl is AMAZING. I'm telling you, amazing. She made it onto the Top 10 on itunes as an unsigned artist. That's legit. She started out doing songs on YouTube. They're really good. You should check them out!
I love her voice, so soulful and real.
Shes VERY talented.
She also seems like a really good person, so its a win win.
You should check her out!
Her top song is Jar of Hearts, which is amazing, but she now has two other singles out as well as EP (The singles are NEW YAYY!)
P.S. I ADORE her hair.

2. Talking like Joe Swanson
For all of you who like to catch the occasional Family Guy ( I just see it in passing)
there's a character on there called Joe Swanson. He's the handicapped guy (OHHHHHHH). Yeah, that guy.
Well, in the show he sometimes yells things like, LETS DO IT, and I find it very amusing.
This is kinda what I'm talking about:

Yep. Anyway, I've been doing this alot lately.

3. My Owl Comforter
I bought this piece of bedding cuteness at Grandview last week.
I absolutely ADORE it. Its so warm and cute!

4. Avon Glazewear Lip gloss
I got this not that long ago from my mom (shes an Avon rep). I got in in Apple Cinnamon. I LOVE IT. Its a really nice color and definitely not sticky. I also like the fact that its so cheap!

5. My Little Pony
Yep, I've been watching alot of MLP lately- reliving my childhood a bit.
Netflix has the first season of MLP on DVD.
I don't think I need to say more.


Lesli said...

Wow. Glazewear is the only lip gloss I will wear. I can't stand sticky lipgloss!

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Hannah said...

I know I love it!!

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