Monday, May 16, 2011

Like A Boss

I'm not sure how I've lived my life without experienceing the hilarious songs of The Lonely Island.
Seriously, have a been living under a ROCK??!

For all of you who are unaware of The Lonely Island (like I was yesterday) here's a quick breakdown.

The Lonely Island is an American comedy troupe and band composed of Akiva "Kiv" Schaffer, Jorma "Jorm" Taccone, and David Andrew "Andy" Samberg, best known for their comedic music. Originally from Berkeley, California, the group is currently based in New York City, where they currently work on Saturday Night Live.
(Thanks wiki!)

Basically, these guys make HILARIOUS songs.
They also have some super sweet music vids.
Bascially, you all need to check them out. They're amazing.
They have a new album out now called Turtleneck and Chain featuring Rhianna, Snoop Dog, Justin Timberlake, & a bunch of other celebs.

(A word: if you don't like "adult language etc" you should probably steer clear. Its funny stuff, but not for the easily offended. They work on SNL, after all)


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