Sunday, May 8, 2011

The World is Against Me!

As you all know, tomorrow is Mothers Day. In honor of Moms, in childrens church I thought we could make these cute treat cans from Our Best Bites.
The craft in question:

Looks easy enough, right? Well in my case, this was not the case.
First of all, they used fruit cans that have pop tops. Those little suckers are like 84 cents a can! Yeah, I know, technically I'm not paying for them, the church is, but still I like to save money where ever I can. Also I think that 20-25 dollars for cans of fruit is a bit much. So anyway I thought that as an alternative I could get Vienna sausage cans and take the bottoms off of them. The only problem with that is that they have a rounded bottom, they don't have a lip for the can openers to grab hold of.
I was so disappointed, but I looked all over the store to see if I could find some cans similar to the small fruit cans, without a rounded bottom.
I finally ended up buying dog food. Yes, dog food. It was literally the only thing in the store I could find (besides pinto beans at Save-A-Lot but they were pricey too). So I bought a ton of canned dog food, took it home to empty the contents and scour them clean.
I used our electric can opener to do the first two,
and then....
it broke.
yes, my can opener broke, on a dog food can.
SO, I had to go back up to walmart and get a new can opener(I just got a manual one). I start working on the next can and guess what...
it breaks.
Yes, it just fell apart in my hands.
By this time I'm like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
There was no way I was going back to walmart at 11 at night to get ANOTHER can opener that would probably break, so I called Sara up and asked if I could use their can opener.
I went over to her house, got the can opener and skedaddled.
I finally got all the cans opened, and Sara's opener is still in one piece.
I just got done cleaning all the cans with soap and bleach water and they're drying now.
All I have to say is these kids better LOVE AND ADORE their mothers day craft, and keep it FOREVER.
It just seems like the world did NOT want me to do this craft with the kids tomorrow. haha


K said...

OK....have to ask.

What exactly did you do with all the dog food?

Hannah said...

I bagged it up. I'm gonna keep it for my dogs.