Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda


Kelly Johnson becomes restless in her thirty-ninth year. An appetite for more forces her to take stock of her middling middle-American existence and her neighbors' seemingly perfect lives. Her marriage to a successful attorney has settled into a comfortable routine, and being the mother of two adorable sons has been rewarding. But Kelly's own passions lie wasted. She eyes with envy the lives of her two best friends, Kathryn and Charlotte, both beautiful, successful businesswomen who seem to have it all. Kelly takes charge of her life, devising a midlife makeover plan. From page one, Kelly's witty reflections, self-deprecating humor, and clever tactics in executing that plan--she places Post-it notes all over her house and car--will have readers laughing out loud. The next instant, however, they might rant right along with Kelly as her commitment to a sullen, anorexic teenager left on her doorstep tries her patience or as she deflects the boozy advances of a divorced neighbor. Readers will need to keep the tissue box handy, too, as Kelly repairs the damage she inflicted on a high school friend; realizes how deeply her husband, Patrick, understands and loves her; and ultimately grows into a woman empowered by her own blend of home and career.
Winner of the 2011 Indie Excellence Award, Here, Home, Hope will surely appeal to readers of chick lit and other women's fiction titles who are ready to transition into something new in their own life.


Here, Hope, Hope by Kaira Rouda is about a mom who is having a midlife crisis. She chose to be a stay at home mom, but now that her kids are growing up, she's questioning that decision. This book takes you trough that journey of her finding herself, and the changes she wants to make in her life.
This was a really heartfelt book. You feel like you are going on her journey with her, and it also gives you cause to question some things about your own life, and what you need to change. I especially like the fact that even though its about serious issues, you see the humor in it as well. This is definitely not a boring book!
I would recommend it to any woman who wants to read a heartfelt and funny story. I also think that this would be a good book for a book club. It would be interesting to talk about some of the issues this book addresses in a group.
I definitely felt inspired after reading this, and I hope you are as well!
To learn more about this book visit the author website. You can also check out her twitter and facebook as well.

*This book was given to me to review by the One2One Network. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review.