Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ipod? Gone? What?

So Wednesday my mom, brother, and I took a mini trip to Chillicothe to get some clothes and such for my brother(for birthday gifts). We had a pretty good time and got some sweet deals, but that's not what I wanted to tell you guys...

I lost my ipod. 
Yes, my Ipod touch.
The one I paid for myself.
My 300 dollar one.
How did I lose it?

We were checking out in TJ Maxx and I took it out of my pocket in order to get some cash out. I laid it on the little counter by the cashiers counter and I never picked it up.
About 15 mins later I realized what happened and went right back to the store to get it. 
When I went in the cashier said he hadn't seen it, and I looked there and all over for it. My ipod was nowhere to be found. I left my name and phone number with the staff at TJ Maxx just in case it turned up.
So far it hasn't. 
I totally cleaned out my car just in case it fell out of my pocket.
No luck.
I can pretty much say that my coveted ipod touch is gone for good.
I'm pretty sure someone took it and was like, hey, free ipod!
So yeah, I'm gonna have to save up some money for a new one, which is a real bummer.
Honestly though, I hope those people just feel horrible about what they've done in taking my beloved ipod, and they give it back. 

I miss my ipod so much! It's like I lost and arm! I used that thing all the time for games, emailing, etc.

(I did not make this sign, but its pretty fitting)


Delaney said...

Sad day! I hope they return it!

KerrieLynn said...

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Hannah said...

@Delaney Yep. Me too!

Chevon J. - La Bella Vita said...

I hope your ipod turns up. It really sucks when people think it's okay to keep something that doesn't belong to them. I don't think I've ever lost something major, but a jerk did hit my car causing some damage, and of course they didn't leave a note. So I feel your pain.

Hannah said...

I totally agree! Dude thats crazy! I mean, if you hit someone, then just be man enough to deal with the aftermath of your mistakes. People are crazy sometimes.