Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mo vs. The Amish

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, then you probably know that I have this cute, fluffy, Bichon Frise named Mo.

(This is him. See? I told you he was cute.)

Well, yesterday Mo had a very dangerous encounter with an Amish Buggy. 
Yes, and Amish, horse drawn, buggy.
You see, Mo LOVES to bark at the Amish buggies/horses when they go by my house (they're usually on their way to walmart).  It's pretty much the highlight of his day.

Well yesterday, we were all outside because we set off a flea fogger in the house (good thing he's cute, right?). Now, Mo is usually a great dog off the leash. He loves people so he just stays around people all the time aka us. All he does is sit with you and follow you around. He's NEVER ran away.
Anyway, were were out there and an Amish buggy went by our house. Mo saw it and took off running straight for it, barking all the way. Usually if this happens he will stop several feet short of the road and just bark. Not this time, this time he was going so fast he couldn't stop himself quick enough and slid right under the horses hooves! He got under the horse and then under the buggy and he started yelping and stumbled off of the road. The horse wasn't at all fazed by the ordeal and just kept right on trotting towards the general direction of Walmart. Obviously his driver had somewhere to be, and it wasn't at our place making sure the dog they ran over was ok; but its alright, I forgive him. It wasn't his fault. 
 By the time Mo was hit, my Dad was there and after Mo got in the grass he picked him up and carried him to the backyard. 

Mo hurt his leg trying to get himself an Amish man.

Luckily he didn't break it. There was just a cut on each side and it was badly bruised. We cleaned it up and dressed it a little. We were so relieved he was just mildly hurt because it could have been a heck of a lot worse! He could have died!
All in all he's ok, but he's just sore and favors his leg.  He looks SO sad though. He pretty much just lays on the couch all day looking like this:

It makes me feel so sorry for him.
He'll be alright, but I don't think Mo will be too eager to chase any more buggies after this.


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The Crafty Crystal said...

That so scary! I'm happy your baby is okay! I have a little pickegnese adn I'd be heartbroken if anything happened to him!

Btw....I LOVE you blog :)
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Hannah said...

Yeah it is! I was freaking out this morning because he licked his leg and it started bleeding again. *sigh* He's getting around better though, still limping but less so.
He must be a cutie!

Thanks I'm glad you like it!
I really like yours too, especially the header/layout. Super cute!