Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shooting Cows

Today, I decided to go out and shoot some cows.
No, not literally shooting a cow.
Taking pictures!

Glad we got that cleared up.
I took a lot of pictures of cows today.
What did I learn?
Cows can be beautiful too. Sometimes it seems like cows are EVERYWHERE - especially living in Southern Ohio. But like most things you can get so familiar with them that you don't see the beauty in them. They're just cows. Today I learned how a brown cow eating its dinner (and picking its nose with its tongue) can become a work of art. I learned once again to open my eyes and see the beauty around me.

That's what I want my photography to do: shine a light on the ordinary and suddenly it becomes extraordinary.
So I'm challenging you guys to go this weekend and find something you see everyday and try and see it with new eyes.

Also, enjoy seeing lots of pictures of cows coming up next week!
Here's a peek!


Michelle said...

Beautiful, Hannah! Abby wants to request a photo shoot with her new horse, Callie.