Friday, July 8, 2011

Of Mice and... Mice?

*CAUTION - graphic content - like blood, and such*

It's never fun to have mice in your house.
Unless they're your pets, or possibly your source of food.

I happen to have mice in my house.
(And they're not my source of food)

It started about a week ago when we kept hearing scratching sounds and squeaking coming from behind our stove. We moved some stuff around and found a hole in the wall where a mouse was probably living, and more than likely, eating our food.
We took action immediately.
No, we did not starve my cat in preparation for the hunt - but I did think about it.
My cat is generally useless in these situations. Shes too fat and lazy to catch a mouse. Even if you starve her.
So we decided to put down a little poison to take care of it, providing there was only one. 
2 days later our house smelled like death itself.
It was HORRIBLE. B in the grand scheme of things, what's the inability to breathe for a couple days compared to the knowledge that your home isn't being eaten out from under you.
We killed the mouse, so that should be pretty much be the end of it, right?
My mom saw ANOTHER mouse by the stove and she got all freaked out. So we went to the store and got some mouse traps to set out.
I was listening all evening for the snap of the trap, and at about 3am I heard it *SNAP*. I got super excited and went in the kitchen, and sure enough, we got another one! It was HUGE, like a big field mouse. I woke up my Dad n Mom and my brother to come see. I was so exited - I'm not sure why, maybe it was the thrill of victory?? Who knows. 
So we thought that after this, we would have no more troubles with the meeces.
We were wrong.
The next day(after we reset the traps) I saw that we had only one trap and we put 2 out. No one moved it or anything. The only explanation was that the mouse had carried it off with him.
That mouse must really be hitting the gym.

We checked the other trap and the bait was gone but the trap didn't go off, so my dad reset the trap we had left and sat down at the table to read the mail.

About 5 minutes passed and we heard *SNAP*
My dad got up to check it and the mouse was still alive!
He didn't get his head all the way into the trap, so it got just his muzzle in the trap. My Dad got our grabber and tried to get it and the trap really quick, but the mouse got loose and scurried back to its hole.
We lost the battle with that mouse, but I think we'll win the war.
He left a lot of blood on the trap, so I'm pretty sure his jaw is broken, which means he wont be able to eat, breathe well, and in short, survive.

That's at least 3 mice we've had, people.
What the heck????
So. I've had enough. I'm on a mouse hunt, and I wont stop until I have COMPLETE VICTORY!
So watch out little meeces.
I'm coming for you.


About A Mom said...

Hi! Good luck getting the mice! I'm a new follower from Social Parade Friday Hop! Please check out my new blog :)

Diane and Chad said...

D-Con!!! They take it back to their little homes, die, and then dry smell!!

Hannah said...

I'll try that!