Friday, September 9, 2011

Ask Hannah! Q&A

Here are a couple of the questions I got since the other day.

How did your blog become so successful and how can I make mine successful?

My blog became successful because I took a lot of time to promote it, and participate in other blog networks and link ups, and generally just got my blog out there, you know? My biggest suggestion is to network with other bloggers(and promote), and just be yourself. Be your own blogger. You don't have to be like everyone else. :)

do you believe Obama will sit one more period, and if so, will you be happy about it? and oh- are you a dog or a car person?

I think that he probably will. Honestly, it doesn't look like the upcoming candidates are much better choices.
I am definitely a cat person! I love my cats, and usually anything that has to do with cats in general.
My lovely kitties:

Wanna ask me something??
Do it, I dare ya!


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Hannah said...

Thanks for stoppin by!