Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's Crackalackin?

I know its been a while since I've made a "whats going on" post. So I thought I'd fill you guys little on what's been going on in my life lately... through pictures from my iTouch.

Most of my days have been filled with college stuff. Sara and I go down to Shawnee for classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
On Wednesday's we're there from 10am to 8pm. Yep. That's like 10 hours, not counting the drives there and back.
Suffice to say, we are super tired when we get home in the evenings.
In the pic above, Sara's working hard getting some English homework done.

College also lets us really catch up on our diets. As you can see, we live on bagel bites/hot pockets/pringles/cafeteria food.
Although the cafeteria food is pretty tasty!
The other day we had a chicken marsalla thing.
It. was. amazing.

We also take our down time very seriously. We usually hang out in the art building or in the library. Its quietest in the art building, which is kind of ironic. 
It's a really nice space to just kick back and relax in, or read a book.

Although Sara has been a little sick with her cold lately, so shes spent most of her down time blowing her nose. haha

This past week has been one of the rainiest that Shawnee has seen so far.
Our umbrella's have been getting a lot of use.

(Sara and her Kevin smile.haha)

Yep. Shawnee is a pretty good place.

I LOATHE going to the doctor. To me, its like the worst thing ever. 
Well, last week, I had to go for some things, and they had to take my blood.
I think doctors are secretly vampires. 
Think about it.
They always take fresh blood from you.
They have a blood bank to store it.
What more could a vampire ask for?
Anyway. I had to get blood taken and I have rolling veins so the nurse could like barely get any blood from me. She ended up actually blowing 2 of my veins.
Not fun.
So I sported a nice set of bruises for about a week. 
They're gone now though.

I love my cat, Kitty.
She's the best.
She's always there to cuddle up and sleep in with me on my off days.

I found this lovely fabric the other day at a store here in Jackson. I really like it. I'm thinking about making a skirt from it. Although I would turn the fabric horizontally. I like that look much better.

I also found this cute ducky fabric that I thought was ADORABLE.

The Portsmouth library was having a Bag Book Sale yesterday.
You could fill a bag with books for $5!
I was stoked out of my mind!
So, I definitely loaded up.
Now I'm even more behind on my reading. haha

While shopping the Book Sale we also found this little flyer.
"Do the math"
Yep. Thats pretty funny.

Well, there you have it.
Whats been going on lately from the lens of my iTouch.


Sara said...

i could have sent you that pic of you when you had all the books!!