Saturday, October 1, 2011

Avon Expo: Holiday Product Preview!

So remember when I went to the Buckeye division Avon Expo with my Mom a couple weeks ago. I know, its been a while. haha.
Anyway, I FINALLY got all the pics ready to post, so here it is, the Avon Expo, in pictures.

The Avon expo was in Columbus, which is pretty friggin huge compared to Jackson

The place where we were at was also like right across the street from Cosi and so they had the replica of one of Christopher Columbus' ships. Which was pretty sweet.

They had tons of interesting guest speakers who were there to talk about growing your Avon business, networking, etc.

After all of the people were done speaking they had a special preview of all of the new and exciting holiday items they have coming up for Avon.
They had  a lot of really nice stuff, as well as nice ideas for Avon Reps.

The new perfume, Step Into Sexy.
It actually smells really good, and that's saying something coming from me.
I'm usually not a fan of Avon's perfumes.

Those little cards were pretty nice too. The lady was demonstrating that instead of buying 8 million samples of perfumes, just buy a bottle and spray it on to card stock. 
There you have it, a cheap way to showcase your perfumes that you're trying to sell!

I really like this brown and silver cluster ring.
Its a bit big, but I like that.

Holiday watches!

I just ADORE this collection with the brown and canary stones.  I especially love the bracelet. Its so delicate and beautiful.
I reaaalllly want to get it when it comes out.

I love these new beauty themed ornaments. SO cute!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this red and silver set of jewelry. Its simple amazing. I love the colors and the style. The way they sparkle in the light is just so amazing. I definitely want to get these for myself!

This was the new bran of Avon Anew that they brought it. Its supposed to be one of the best formula's ever! My mom's customers really love it so far. Its been selling like hotcakes!

I love this little christmas countdown house with its little doors and the spining santa on reindeer.

I LOVE this little serving set. Its small, but very very cute.

This is my grandmas future christmas present.
She loves cuckoo clocks, and this is just perfect for her!

This actually a manicure gift set. Everything fits inside the little boot.
How clever!

Cutest little fountain ever! Look at the lil skating penguins!

I love how the little skaters skate!


This little bear did a sweet dance.

 The puppy wags his ears up and down.

Stocking molds!

Everyone LOVES this snowman. Isn't he cute with his little vest??

Avon just brought out a baby collection called Tiny Tilla. A lot of the stuff is ULTRA cute, but a tad bit on the expensive side.

I loved this plush noahs ark with the little animals.

Stylish diaper bag

Reindeer Pillow pet!

They also have a new mens collection coming out. Its called core elements, and they have several varieties within them. I thought the bar soap was pretty cool looking, and it smelled really nice.

New Avon Wonder perfume. I wasnt a fan of this at all. It was too ambery for me.

New Holiday eyeshadow shades & makeup kits!

Marks Holiday stuff is really big this year. I dont mean like, high selling. I mean that the necklaces, rings, etc. are all big stones.

I really like these kinds of long rings. Too bad my fingers are way too short. haha

This bracelet was really cool. The metal thing is actually 2 pieces that are magnetic, so it fastens magnetically. The magnet is pretty strong too, so it wont come off.

Mark holiday glosses & makeup collections

I love this little gloss! It's round and you just squeeze the gloss out and put it on your lips and tada!
I really love it.

I'm not sure how I feel about Avon's Holiday clothing this year. Some things I really like, others, not so much.

I LOOOVE this purse!

The fur vest. Ehhhhh.

These boots look superb

I ADORE these shoes! I love the detailing!

Well, there you have it folks, a preview of what Avon has in store for the holiday season.

If you need an Avon rep I highly suggest my Mom,
but you can visit the Avon website and find another representative in your area, although they wont be as great as my mom.


Amanda T said...

Oooo! I really like the gold multi chain bracelet from Mark.

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Hannah said...

They had it in silver too! I thought it was pretty neat!
I sure will


Irish Italian Blessings said...

I will take one of everything! Love the lipstick ornaments, and the blue bracelet, and the perfume sounds fab.!

Hannah said...

I know, right?

If only I were a millionaire...

Emilee said...

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