Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Review: Weirder Than Marshmallows By Daniel Fogg

Weirder Than Marshmallows
By: Daniel Fogg 

Ignorance, lack of common sense, and downright inhuman stupidity run rampant in this country and around the world. I watch people, and I hear stories, and they beg, beg, beg to be mocked and ridiculed. Weirder Than Marshmallows showcases tales of stupidity and ignorance in the hopes of making people laugh.


Weirder than Marshmallows is a compilation of funny stories that have been observed by the author. He causes the reader to step back and take notice of some of the most hilarious human behavior and even sometimes ask yourself “have I done this before?” I really enjoyed the fact that Weirder than Marshmallows touched on topics that I personally find ridiculous. When reading the book you almost feel connected to the writer, you are able to clearly discern his thoughts and feelings on the crazy and hilarious things he has read and encountered in his daily life.

While I appreciated the authors writing I did at times feel that the story was a bit forced. At times the writer would repeat the same thing twice in an effort to stress how ridiculous and strange human behaviors can be, but while doing this he ended up losing his readers. Occasionally he would go off topic completely and without warning jump right back into the story. It almost felt like having a one on one conversation with a friend, which just ended up being really confusing for me. I often found myself re-reading a passage just to try to grasp the point the writer was attempting to make.

While the idea of this book seemed entertaining, the writer’s execution of the story left much to be desired. While the stories were funny, the approach the writer took to convey the hilarious nature of the story often times felt dry and forced. I understand the reason behind making this book but I personally would not recommend this book to an avid reader. 

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