Monday, October 24, 2011

Everyday Minerals Makeup Review!

I was recently given the fantastical opportunity to review some makeup from Everyday Minerals. I've been interested in them for a long time, so I was really excited for this review.

I was send 2 Blushes(Snuggle and Come What May) and 2 Eye shadows (Jane Eyre shimmer eyes and In The Garden pearl eyeshadow)
I decided that as well as using the product myself I would let my friend Sara try them out too, and have a mini photoshoot with her wearing the makeup.

Firstly, I really liked the packaging of the blushes. They had kind of a plastic piece that you can turn to cover the holes in the blush. That way you don't have to worry about your mineral makeup getting all over the place when you open it up. As long as you have it covered, everythings in place!
I was slightly disappointed that they didn't have the same kind of shield on the shimmer eyes eyeshadow.

Come What May
I really liked the Jane Eyre eyeshadow, it was a neutral tone, and that's more of what I use for everyday. It went on smoothly and gave a nice all over shimmer.

Jane Eyre

The In the Garden eyeshadow I didn't like as much. Mostly due to its roller ball end. I made a swatch on my arm of the shade to see how it would look, and it came out really rich and dark, but when I put it on my eye there wasn't much color at all.  Sara had the same problem at our mini shoot. After fooling around with it a little bit I realized that you really have to hold the container a certain way to get it on well. It made it a little uncomfortable to put on. The shade itself I liked with the shimmer of Jane Eyre, but I just didn't like the roller ball container at all.
In the Garden - with the rollerball :(
Overall this is a great mineral makeup. I didn't break out from anything that I tried, which is good. Sara didn't either which is super great because she has really sensitive skin and will break out with a lot of different skin care products and makeup.
Here's a quick couple photos of me wearing the Snuggle Blush and both Jane Eyre and In the Garden eyeshadows:

If you want to buy your own mineral makeup from Everyday Minerals, check out their website here.
Their website has SO many cool makeup items for sale, and best of all, its for a really great price compared to other mineral makeup companies!
They always have great sales too, and this week they are offering up FREE SHIPPING on orders over $18. They also have a breast cancer themed thing going on. If you buy a Pink Ribbon Blush, 100% of the profits (excluding shipping and tax) will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Now, on to the mini shoot. Here are a few of my favorites: