Monday, October 10, 2011

My Weekend: In Pictures!

Here's a bit about my weekend: in pictures from my itouch!

I woke up on thursday morning to this little note hanging from my door. It was from my Dad, wishing me a happy birthday.

I love my cat. So naturally, I took a million pics of her being cute this weekend. I even snuck in some of Clarice.

Civ & Lit was canceled Friday. Woohoo!

Sara and I got out of class early on friday to find a note in our windshield that said we had a flat tire.
Sure enough, we did.
Long story short we ended up having to call AAA to tow us to the tire place for a plug.

We went to chilli on saturday to get frames for my art show photo's and I picked up this little cutness
I put them in my rearview mirror. You're definitely jealous.

We also stopped at Petland and saw some SUPER cute little bunnies!

We also stopped at Kroger and I did a bit of COUPONING! I haven't really been for a while so it was nice to have a fairly big trip.

I also got a new binder, as you can see. 

I was SO STOKED that they finally have cranberry sierra mist back. Its my absolute favorite.

Well, that was my weekend, it was fairly busy. I even took my photo's up to the art show (more on that later).

I hope you all had good weekends!


Nicole said...

I need to learn to coupon.. I need to I need to I need to! we have no money and need to eat.. I'm just overwhelmed with information

Hannah said...

I know it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but take baby steps.
You're not going to become an extreme couponer over night.

I would suggest watching Hip2Save's videos here:
You can also see more on her youtube page.