Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Day of Turkey Day Break!

So, today is my first day of Thanksgiving break!
Although, officially, the college is open but I normally don't have classes on Tuesday anyway so my break starts a little earlier than everyone else.

I'm pretty excited. I'm going to have lotsa time to get some things done that I really need to get done, and also have plenty of time for sleep.
Sleep is the essence of life.

Also, BLACK FRIDAY is like, 3 days away. 

If you missed my post about why I love Black Friday, you can see it again here.
It's pretty epic. I highly recommend it.
I want to try and do a Black Friday Haul post with all the stuff I got on BF, but its a bit hard to do considering I get a lot of Christmas gifts that day. I don't want any recipients of said presents to know what I got them beforehand. 
I will do my best to show you all at least a couple things.

So basically, thats going to be my break: sleeping, thanksgiving, shopping, cleaning.
Any exciting plans for yours?