Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Kroger Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

How do you feed your insatiable desire for homemade chocolate chip cookies without turning on the oven? The answer is deliciously simple — Kroger's The Truly Awesome™ Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies.
These irresistible, oversized discs of delight are as close to homemade as you can get from a store-bought cookie. The secret? They're made with real, just like mom would use ingredients such as rich, creamy butter and tons of chocolate chips. There are no added preservatives and artificial flavors like other brands – resulting in an over-the-top, melt in your mouth chocolate, crunch delight.
Prepared the same way you would if you baked them in your own kitchen, Kroger's The Truly Awesome™ Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies are, well, truly awesome. But we'd expect nothing less from Kroger's line of The Truly Awesome™ products — how can you go wrong with wholesome, scrumptious ingredients?

The Review!
I recently got 2 packages of these Truly Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kroger &, and they were definitely awesome! They were really great tasting,-similar to the Chips Ahoy brand cookies. The thing that I like most about the cookies though (other than the great taste!) was the size. These cookies were huge for package cookies. Usually the cookies that you buy like that are pretty small, but these were so much bigger. I would definitely recommend these cookies as a better alternative to Chips Ahoy type of cookies. Plus, at the $2.79 suggested retail price, you can hardly beat it!

If you want to try some of these super awesome cookies yourself, you should be able to find them in any of your local Kroger family stores, including Ralphs and Fred Meyer.

*I received 2 packages of Truly Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies free for review through Bzzagent All opinions are my own, and were in no way influenced by free product. We are dedicated to providing our HONEST opinion about books, products, whatever the case may be.