Sunday, December 18, 2011 Great Eyeglasses At Great Prices!

I've worn prescription eyeglasses since I was a kid. I love my glasses, they are a part of me!

The only thing that kind of blows about wearing glasses is how much they cost.  Just getting a pair of upgrade glasses can put a pretty big dent in your budget.

I'd like to get a pair of prescription sunglasses, that way I don’t run someone off the road while I’m trying to drive with my old shades on. Too bad I already spent an arm and a leg getting the regular pair of glasses. Forget about luxuries like those fancy prescription sunglasses!

Well, thank goodness for Global! Thanks to their low prices, I can get a nice pair of prescription sunglasses without having to go without food for month.
 They have TONS of eyeglasses, prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, and more, for great prices! You can get your glasses for as low as $6.95! 
Not only do you get a cheap new pair of glasses, but all glasses include FREE anti scratch coating, microfiber cleaning cloth, carry case AND a 12 month guarantee! 
I would venture to say that they are one of the cheapest online eyeglasses retailers out there. 
So if you’re looking for cheap eyeglasses, then look no further than Global!

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the amazing choices of glasses?? Not sure how that cute pink pair will actually look on you?? Well, simply click on the "Try Online" banner on the homepage and upload a photo to the virtual mirror. You can even use your web cam to try on a pair! 

How neat is that?


They also have a sweet holiday sale going on until December 22nd   (Hurry!!!)
You can get 40% off all lenses (except standard lenses, those are FREE anyway!) using the code "LensDiscount" at the checkout. 

Also, you can use this exclusive Living Life: Hannah Style readers only discount to save money too!
Get  15% off just by using the code”hannahstyle15”

*Note: you can only apply one promo code per order, so unless you are getting something other than regular lenses, id stick the the 15% off.

*I was paid for this post, but it does in NO way influence my opinion of the website or company. I was not required to give a positive review. I'm dedicated to providing my honest opinion on websites, companies, products, whatever the case may be.


Sara said...

you should get those pink ones!

Hannah said...

I want to!