Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pin It Wednesday 12/29

Welcome to Pin it Wednesday!
Today I will be sharing my weekly favorite finds on the wide world of Pinterest!
If you have no idea what Pinterest is you've been living under a very large rock, and should probably check it out!

Also, you should add me!

So due to the holiday awesomeness, I skipped Pin It Wednesday, but its back in full force this week!

This would be such a good color scheme/decor/etc for a baby shower.
Love it!

These are actually cupcakes! cute!

I really love this bedroom, especially the thing above the bed. 

This is a cute quote, and graphic.

I actually really like this clock in the blue color.

I love this little lollipop bouquet.


Sara said...


Hannah said...

You're just jealous!

Nicole said...

love the lollipop bouquet and the corn cupcakes :)

Hannah said...

adorable, right?