Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to College

I know its been a while since I've wrote a bit about whats going on in my life.
I know, I'm a horrible blogger!

Well anyway, I started back to college last week. Woohoo! Yay Spring Semester!
I only have like 4 classes since I kind of messed up on my choices in the fall.
I'm taking Creative Process, Photo2& Studio, and Digital Imaging 1.

All my classes are going pretty well. They're all art classes, so I've been really working my creative bone.

In Creative Process we've been talking about being child like in our sense of the world, and looking at things. We made drawings of something that we did during our free play time. I drew this sweet drawing of Kitty as a lion. I drew her as a lion because when I was little, a lot of times I would pretend I had to like, defeat/run away from an evil dragon, or some kind of villain. Usually during these times, my cat was the villain. One time I pretended that she was a ferocious lion that was out to get me. Those free play experiences are what inspired my drawing, which I later went over with sharpie to make it look more like a coloring page, which emphasized the child like sense.

I know its not perfect or anything, but I really like it!

Today in that class we got to use our sweet little water colors to make a postcard!
Chelsea n I had lots of fun with this!

They're not quite finished, but I can't wait to see how they all turn out.

Photo class has been a bit of a brain twister. haha. I forgot how much little stuff I've forgotten since Photo 1!
But luckily Allyson is a really good teacher and helps us refresh and learn in every way she can. We just got our first photo assignment today! Its a treasure hunt, so I'm really excited to get started on it.
I would have started it today, but I've been having some problems with my film camera and need to find a new one ASAP.
Yay for technology breaking!

Digital Imaging has been really fun so far. Our first project is to take at least 4 pics of animals and photoshop them together to create a "monster".
Super fun project, I know!

This is my monster so far.
His name is Phil.

He's part Komodo dragon, horse, red tailed hawk, and soon to be lion.
He's not all together yet.

I think hes cool, man!
He looks kind of big n ploddy, but he could kill you in about 2 minutes with his super poisonous komodo dragon spit.
No really.
Intense stuff.
Now imagine if that thing is fast and could fly.
That would be Phil.
So don't be fooled by his expression. He could still hurt ya.
Except. In my imagination, hes sort of gentle, and cant hurt me because I built up an immunity to his poison spit. Also, I raised him from an egg. haha.
Yeah. I've kind of been embracing this pretending and seeing things as a child thing.
*FYI. I'm not crazy.

Anywho. That's pretty much what I've been up to lately. Sadly, college consumes most of my life when its in session.

I'll definitely keep you all updated on future projects, and of course, Phil.