Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Went Shopping: Walmart 5/29

Went shopping today n got all of this goodness for $22, not too bad considering I bought a lot of non sale items!

I would break it down for you all, but I totally lost my receipt.
Oh well.

I will say though, if you recently got a $5 off light bulb coupon in the mail, get yourself to walmart for a sweet moneymaker! There are 3 pack bulbs priced at around $4 a box. Thats a $1 moneymaker!
I also got a sweet deal on the mega bottles of Palmolive. They were $3.07 each and I used the 50 cent off coupon. That made these $2.57. Which is pretty good considering its over a liter of detergent!

Oh! and if you're still holding on to those $1 off one Sun Drop coupons, head on over to Walmart! hey have 2 liter bottles of it priced at $1 each, so FREE pop, yo!!