Friday, June 1, 2012

Shavewell Fog Free Shower Mirror Review!

I recently received a Fog Free Shower Mirror from the Shavewell company for review.
It's a mirror that you can hang in your shower to use for shaving, checking your hair for soapies, or making sure you get your whole face when you exfoliate! Plus, its fog free, so it wont get foggy when you're in there!

Let me just say, my brother and father were especially stoked about getting this product. They said they always wished they could do their shaving in the shower where the water is hot, and thanks to this fancy Shavewell Fog Free Shower Mirror, they can! They said that shaving in the shower makes it SO much easier to shave, the razor just glides smoothly over your skin because there isn't as much resistance in wet hair, than dry hair. They could definitely tell that shaving in the shower left them with a closer shave than they normally would out of the shower, and they had less irritation on their skin.

I was pretty happy about this product too! Sometimes its hard to get all of the soapies out of my hair n everything. Now I just use the mirror to check and make sure my hair is squeaky clean & soap free. This is also great for removing your makeup. Sometimes I tend to miss spots on my eyeliner etc. I found that it was much easier to look in the shower mirror and make sure I got everything, rather than realize later that I didn't get it all.
I think that this is a great product, especially for the men in your life!

Pssst! Father's Day is coming up! This would be a GREAT gift!!

Come back tomorrow for your chance to win a Shavewell Fog Free Shower Mirror as part of the Super Dad Father's Day Giveaway!