Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clash of Stress

Today was kind of a stressful day even though we had a 2 hour delay. I had like a million things due today and tomorrow. It was down to the wire for Mrs. Frankes writing assignment. I was just going to turn in my hand written copy but then i made some mistakes n stuff do i was like eh; Ill type it. so I ended up typing it in Mrs. Walkers and giving it to her in between classes. Im pretty proud of it though. We had to write a letter to Gulliver telling him that basically it he should interact with humans again etc. I must say I had some pretty good arguments. It wasnt a very easygoing letter though. It was pretty confrontational. *slap*
Other than that, thats pretty much what school was all about. I loved Mrs. C for giving us more time on scrapbooks. I am also going to the wire on that. haha. Its just how i roll i guess. I like it rough, life in the edge, all that.

I also discovered Clash of the Titans. Its a movie thats coming out in april. It looks AMAZING BEYOND ALL REASON. Im PUMPED about it. I LOOOOOOOVVVEEE greek mythology etc. Its like, my love affair. We've been together for a while now.
If i were a teacher Id prolly be Mrs. Rieder in that aspect haha. But back to the movie: Im attaching the trailers for it too. It looks AMAZING. Oh n did I say it looked amazing? haha.

I was also looking for prom dresses. I have it narrowed down to a few canidates but i need to go up to Columbus to try them on before i make my final decision. So I wont put anything on here till then

Welp. Thats all for now. If I have anything else to report Ill get at ya.


Gun Man said...

Eh, I'm not all that excited for Clash of the Titans. I have seen EVERYTHING in the movie done probably a thousand times better in God of War.
Hydra? Seen it.
Minotaur? Boring.
Medusa? Sigh..
Locations like Athens and Hades? Been there.

However, I might just go see it just because of Sam Worthington. So far, every movie I have seen him in has been pretty good. Great even!

hanner_da_nanner said...

Yeah Gunnar it has been done before, but thats beside the point. Its still fun to watch. For me anyway. And God of War is an amazing game.

Yeah I like Sam W. Loved him in Avatar. I just saw him on that n the Terminator Salvation though so i dont know the extent of his acting expertise.