Friday, February 26, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

So I finished PJ n the Olympians. It was an ok movie. I read ALLLL the books so i was REALLY looking forward to the movie. It turned out to be not as good as the books. Suprise suprise.
They took alot of scenes out. I mean like they took ALOT out of the Percys journey to Hades scenes. It was definately less epic than the book. In the book they encounter alot of different obstacles and in the book they just have Medusa, the Hydra, The Lotus Casino (Lotus eaters), Minotaur etc. Youd think that theyd at least put the other stuff in there because people love things like that. Fight scenes, mythical beasts, etc. I mean you didnt even meet the character Clarise or see Percy fight Ares or see them trash the St. Louis Arch. It just left me feeling a little cheated. It needed to be more epic. Kind of like Percy Jackson Odyssey but not as long.

I also didnt like how the gods were portrayed. For example, the god Poseidon in the book is supposed to be like this guy in a Hawaiin shirt, bermuda shorts, big fishing hat, n carrying a fishing pole which is his trident in disguise in other words he looked like a dorky fisherman. Thats how he looked in his disguised form at least.
It added to the humor of it all and the point of Olympus changing n all. In the movie they basically wore suits.

ALSO they left the WHOLE plot of Kronos being behind the lightning theft. They made it so that it was just Lukes idea n he was jsut made at the Olympians. Which in the book Luke is influenced by Kronos from Tartarus and he hates the Olympians/has daddy issues and it was all part of the Titans revenge/Olympian take over. If they wouldve put that whole plot in then they wouldve had an automatic 2nd movie. *sigh* Plus it was a good plot.

All in all it was an ok movie. If you read the books before watching the movie youd probably see all the holes and the lack of action. But if you just watched the movie youd prolly like it anyway. But yeah it was an ok movie. You could also tell who it was geared tward. It was a lil disappointing for us whove read the books. Good job on the cast though. Except Poseidon.