Sunday, February 14, 2010


So as im sitting here eating my Chicken Bacon Ranch sub and looking at tomorrows weather forcast im thinking Paige and I arent driving to Shawnee for the Open House. Its supposed to snow ALOT, like last week only this week. Lovely. Its a good thing we dont have school haha; but we might not have it Tuesday. Dont know.

Thismorning was pretty nice. I was takign pics at church again. Pastor Brian wanted more shots of him and Cumacho(?) this time so i was taking those but I was dozing alot of the time too. haha. I hadnt had my coffee so i was a lil sleepy. Im pretty sure he noticed. Oops.

Pastor Karen looked like shes getting around a lil better. She fell on some ice and like twisted/broke her ankle really bad. Its pretty sad but kinda funny too. Aparently she was taking Kellis dog outside when it happened so Kellis waiting on her hand n foot. Her family is basically cracking a kren/cripple joke every time they get the chance. haha.
I hope she gets better soon though.

Well. I think thats about it for thismorning. If I have anything else to write about tonight I will. Until later!