Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So today KD, Justin, AShley, n I baked some chocolate cupcakes in Mrs. R class. It was really fun. We didnt have any eggs or milk so we looked online to find a recipe that you didnt need milk etc to use. So we found one n it turned out pretty well I have to say. We TRIED to make icing using their recipe too but it wouldnt set up AT ALL. So we ended up pouring it down the drain. EEK! We didnt know how many cupcakes the recipe made and it turned out it was A TON. We made 24 cupcakes today n still have batter for another batch tomorrow.
I love our Julia Childs moments :)

Also today. Mr. M's lesson on Spartan Love. Amazing. I love him. He's really funny and makes things interesting. No wonder hes gotten favorite teacher for years!

In conclusion, today was a pretty good day